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Letterbook, LB-070

This letterbook covers the period October 1903-July 1904. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and John F. Randolph. There are also letters by Walter S. Mallory, Frederick P. Ott, and others. Many of the items relate to the Edison Portland Cement Co. plant at Stewartsville, New Jersey, which began operation in September 1 903. There is also correspondence concerning the technical and commercial development of Edison’s alkaline storage battery and its use in electric vehicles. Included are a series of letters to Herman E. Dick regarding the possible foreign exploitation of the storage battery, along with a letter to John Jacob Astor suggesting that he invest in the Edison Storage Battery Co. In addition, there are letters to John V. Miller pertaining to the Mining Exploration Co. of New Jersey and to Edison’s search for nickel in the Sudbury district of Ontario and in other locations. Also included are letters regarding the erection of the iron ore concentration plant in the Dunderland region of Norway, in connection with the Edison Ore Milling Syndicate, Ltd., along with other items relating to Edison's interest in ore milling, mines, and ores. There is a letter to Francis Arthur Jones from Randolph's assistant, John A. Boehme, delineating the organizational structure of the West Orange laboratory and a letter from Edison to attorney Frank L. Dyer giving him "sole and entire charge of my patent work." A few items refer to the domestic phonograph business, Edison's experiments with x-rays, and his interest in acquiring samples of radium. Among the items relating to family and personal matters are letters concerning the launch Mina, purchased in February 1902, and a letter containing Edison's recollections of the lighting of Menlo Park in December 1 879.

The label on the front cover contains the following notation: "T.A. Edison - Letter Book, from Oct. 22 - 1903 to July. 25 - 1904." There is a label on the spine with similar information. The book contains 499 numbered pages and an index. Approximately 25 percent of the book has been selected.

if ~ T


Oct. 24, 1903.

". ,. « Pilling, Esq., - , ,^

Girard Trust 'Building ,

Philadelphia, Pa.

hftar ! i.-,

Will you kindly let me know at the earliest possible moment regarding the money the Portland Cement Company wishes for 'Tovemher , and greatly oblige,

Yours truly,


Oct. 24, 1903:

To whom it may concern:

Hr. Thomas. Crahan in his business transactions with myself

h: 3 acted ill a straightforward manner.

(Signed) Thomas A. Edison.

Oot. 29, 1903.

Tyer RuVber Co.,

Andoyer, X«ass. ^ear Sirs:

and a ?eCClVed' 1 find that tlle ^er^e Caliper is four

,“'T ;:U0“ath“: 1 »" »*" thousandth. and this is t<

1 **“ the r™*,r **11 ‘•■•I llttls raise.

noT, «r 10 ““ i™ th"‘ th0"“"<ltl'>. holts- rtll

S”'’i41”e 1 ”* Pi'"° °Ut ^ *—■ *■ wiatr ha$B non-** in it.

I .ill return the e««ple or you oan Mil to. « ,t regular ”* C" 3E"!i“1 1 entered lor three thousandths.

Yours truly,

Oct. 29, 1903.

IVilliam Sirapkin, Esq.,

Standard Construction Corporation, Ltd.,

London, VI. C., England.

‘war Mr. Simpkin:

Heplying to yours of the l,(?th inst., wish to state that we v-e running regularly and turning out over a thousand barrels pei day ana soon reach 15 to 1700. Expect to finance two more kilns, th< we think we oan g0 to 3500 daily. Cement is selling at 85 cents ■at Mill, tvg ij00m having busted.


Yours truly,

Copy oi’ letter sent to Judge Hayes

ITov. 9, l9o|rf

Haye s

'/ . ,

t ha/e oeen furnishing my son W l Hriinn . v bub w. x,. Edison some monev to

: ::: 7 ^ in 1 - : bv nt * - - ■* «* - _ reour8, *«.«*£ z::::::: :r: w - * -*

0-per ■’a year, please draw up such a

;"1 ; : 08 -*-. « ,r.P.rtr,

"* ara™ 30 1 "'U1 >* 1WH. a. a p„to.r, etc

r ■“ the ao°u"*,it 1 *iu =«• «« * t0

00 aj pended.


T. A. Edison.



/ Nov. 9, 1903.

I T:eg to acknowledge receipt of the certificate of com¬ mission, appointing me Chief Consulting Electrician of the Depart-

-Electricity for Louisiana Pu

■chase Exposition.

Thanking you very muchfor same, I remain,

Fred G. Temme, Esq.,

33 ITorth Centra St . ,

In reply to your favt

. , I "beg to state

that at present I am all out photographs. You can obtain them from C. M. White , Military St., Port Huron, Mich.

Yours truly.

16, 1903,

Geo. P. .Kuntz, Esq. ,

e/o Tiffany & Co . ,

Hew York. \

Friend Kuntz:

Can you spare me a little Will Unite to test my Radium tube, just a little by mail?

Yours truly,

ITov. 13, 1903.

Copy of Letter received from Judge Hayes:

Shall i advance §50.00 asked for in the enclosed letter'? It is in the suit brought by yourself and the Edison Storage Battery Company to enjoin the Edison Automobile Company from using your name. Mr. Edison's Memo, 0. K. Pay. T. A. E.

Hot. 17, 1903.




Ear it an Township, Highland Park,

Hew Brunswick, N. J. / .

Bear Sir: \ /

I *eg to return you herewith tax hill for the year 1903 on house and lot at Menlo Park, in the name oi Mrs. Marion E. Hoe, and oeg to state that this property was sold some time ago to C I Elliott, Trustee, Menlo Park, % J., who should pay the taxes on Sai'ie’ Yours truly,

lliam J‘. Hammer, Esq.

26 Cortlandt St., Hew York.

ar sir:

Hot. 17, 1903.’

~n rePly to your lt Lewis has an option t T to myself. C - A.

r*T" or «•* beg to state

ill January let, at prio. to be eatiefao-

Yours truly, ' ,

Nov. 10, 19Q3.

Erank L. Dyer, Esq.,

Orange , N. 1.

Dear Sir:

I want you to have sole and entire charge of my patent work, and I shall hold you responsible for its conduct. Any matter relating to patents, either directly or indirectly,- suits on patents, applica¬ tions, licenses, contracts involving patents, and all foreign patent work, etc., must go through your hands, so that I can get all informa¬ tion from you. All correspondence relating to these matters must pass through your hands. When any question comes up requiring outside help,, v/e will talk it over and decide to whom to send it.

Of course the above refers to all of my work, but where it relates to anj"- of the companies or individuals coming under Mr. Gilmore’s jur¬ isdiction, I desire that he shall be conferred with with reference to same, so that there will be no misunderstandings.

My principal object is to have this wo rk centered here in the Laboratory so that I can find out everything about all of my cases by going to you. This, of course, will involve the furnishing to you of copies of all papers in connection v/ith each case handled outside of your office, and you vrf.ll see that this is done.

Yours very truly.

.Tames B. Tonking, Esq.; Supt.,

Hew Jersey Zinc Co.,

Franklin Furnace, IT. J.

Hov. 18, 1903.

Bear Mr. Tonking:

Your favor of the 17th inst. enclosing piece of Wilimite received and for which accept my thanks. X will try the sample and it will no doubt prove satisfactory as it is a fine specimen.

Yours truly,

ITov. 19, 1903.

Caspar V/hitney, Esq.,

239 Fifth Ave . ,

Few York.

feor Sir:

■Replying to your favor of the 12th inst., I beg to state t,‘it Xt wil1 1)6 P^iectly agreeable to me to have your man come Ky residence on Sunday Fov. 22nd. to take the photograph vhic, you desire.

Yours trul.V,



21, 1903.

% Dear Dick:

I want to call your attention to the fact that things are not going right with the Kill designs, etc. of the Dunderland Co,

That I believe Simpkin is doing just what he did here, that is he will take two years longer than he calculates, because plans will not be ready. There is I believe going to be some terrible errors made. You better see my letter to Khoades, also look over my two letters accompanying drawings filed with the Dunderland Co., also look over the 26 Letters sent to Simpkin. Designing a plant in lonoon, the way it iB being done is about the worst possible thing that c^uii be imagined. Simpkin has no conception of the problem or the difficulties, as instanced by sending me a complicated drawing of the hopper above the Giants, that would not last ten hours. He would not stop over one day at Cement Works to 3ee the Giants work or anything else, he gave as his excuse to me in a letter that Her- ter offended him. This is pretty small potatoes for a man having such responsibilities. I have written Dunderland Company officially and warned Simpkin that I will not be responsible for a single . thing , the drawing of which has not been approved by myself, anc. such approval filed v/ith the Dunderland Co. There has been precious lit¬ tle that so far has received approval, I am not to be bluffed into bitter

approving, what from actual/exporience in the past and now I know will not work or prove unsat iofaotory .


Nov. 25, 1903.-

A. Ervigs El’tgr, Esq., f

Christiansund, Norway. \

Dear Sir: \ /

In reply to your favor of the 13th inst., I heg to state that it is true that I have been working on an electric generator, but at present fan not in a position to- give out any information, fhanking you very much for the inquiry, I remain,

Yours truly,

Nov. 25, 1903.

James Symington, Esq.,

Port Huron, Mich.

Eriend Symington:

I am very sorry to hear of your trouble and hope that before this letter reaches you that you will be around as usual. My eyes were only slightly affected but are all right again.

Yours truly,

safety clicks and notice if they worked spect and. keep them clean and what othei

as told to look out for . starting, also to in¬

different foreman of the plants instruct their men thoroughly as to what they should look out for and report, also report why it is that 13£i and 130 belts had to he taken up in Mill time and if this could not have been anticipated, also if Mr. Pilling' s criticism is correcl that in many cases belts are ordered taken up when in fact the slip¬ ping was due to backing up of ore against belt, at either head or tail end, also what in your opinion is necessary to keep dust out

to make it dust proof

was that the crushing plant tried to run al] l in crushing a single skip.

will also report, if in your opinion Mr . Hufn have to

fnr noaltion. 1 shall hereafter/rely on



O- C ^i»AJuvA uA*» X Ufl.w-<My y) <»*- » tytJUf

3t..<jw3>y|<» tC ^i**Jr~kz TUM d^unt awi C«*>uUm>

vc. - *•— -v ^

*««*•«- >l*'f ^

itrllL <srp~^- -^“~~*u-~^ - ct-v ■*f"

-v-* ' *“**'-

. _ - i~ * -

U _ {—


% i<un. r.yy,„4S4 W>Ol f <^«44,> -t O- i^ccMif 3L«ywC» "ia «^l

tL c~~.- **-^**^ «* »>

*|^ ^a4JU>w( tUiA n* #»i»4 ^*%^>**‘ ^

i*<A»it.1»'<J-t«M> - iT^ J*pi ^ ^Fr*^ir *•



^ _ _ - *U*“~

tL frT L

„«-»• ti wt. •*-

V^.t23U *kwi^» « - - **^*r ’*’* **’

. «tL^Jl* dr c*


H- S. Moult., ,, Ker._ " I*°-

Edison Portland. Cement Co.,

Stev/artsvllle, it. j.

Dear sir:

Eepl yln® t0 *our ^Tor of the 9th Inst t + .

, :::: - ::: ^ - -M- -

- <*•«. . nish* Wy r.r Chit o.„.nt, eto.

Yours truly,

Dec. 11,1903.

Electrochemical Publishing Co.,

118 Liberty St.,

Nev/ York.

Dear Sirs:

1 beg to enclose you herewith check for $3.00, in exchange please send me your book of "Rare -Metals" by J, Ohly, Ph.D. and oblige, Yours truly,


Crocker V/heeler Co.,

41 Cortlandt St., Sew York.

Saar Sirs:

Dec. 17, x-nOS.



Yours of the 14th ir.st. received and in reply I beg to state we are no longer in the market for a generator and thank you much, for your . uctatl^n.

Yours truly.


Dec. 18, 1903.

H. Me Kay 'rvorSggy, Esq.,

15 Br,.ad St.,

Hew York.

Deal' Sir :

7 c. /ing to your telephone message, I wish to say that the "battery v, getting along all right. In about the middle of January v.-r* jump our output up four or five times. V/e have lots of or-

. u r., oik. for lighting seventy passenger cars.

Yours truly,


les L. Seabury & Cc., Morris Heights, it. Y.

. " ~iuuJ-y sena rae a Print of my launch "Hina"

U'; •?Ur0haSe<l fr0m you in February 1902, by Mr. John V. Miller Leea.:.,us ol changing it into an electric launch. By giving ' prompt attention you will greatly oblige.

rank A. Hall, Esq.,

I beg to return you herewith your check received with your letter of the 1st inst.as you failed to. endorse same. Kindly return

ssible, and oblige,'

Yours truly,

iffl'/YV- CL-1 Cl C'd-uim


December 22nd,). 903.

My dear Dudley:

My cement plant has been in operation now since the middle of September and we are making a high quality of cement.

I claim that our cement will carry more sand for the same results than any cement now on the market, owing to the fact that 85^ and more of it will pass 200 mesh screen, and from grinding the raw materials finer.

I am anxiouB to get a disinterested test. Would you be willing to have your boys make it if I send samples? I will be glad to send you any size sample you desire.

Have you succeeded yet in knocking out the nattoriea?

With my kindest regards and compliments of the season, I Si Yours very truly,

C ,B .Dudley , c/o penna. R.R.Co.^ Altoona, Pa.

Lag; suppose

at) out

12/29/03/WS MA

Messrs. Pilling & Crane,

Philadelphia, Pa.

Dear Sirs:

V,'e are in receipt of yours of the 28th inBt. and much surprised that the Pennsylvania Coal & Coke Company declined to send one of their men to Orange to Inspect the coal which is so full of ash.

This is strong evidence to us that they do not oare to inspect it because they know the quality of the coal is poor.

We have notified all our various departments, as per -carbon copies herewith enclosed, to have all coal received from them in the future analyzed, and if any more coal of the quality of this last lot is received, we shall decline to accept further shipments from them.

V/e are offered plenty flf coal by outside people , the quality of which they will guarantee , and in view of such treatment as this, we are certainly under no obligations to continue the use of coal from people who are afraid to stand behind it.

The above for your own and their information. If we are to continue using this coal, we must have some assurances that we will be protected in case of poor coal, otherwise we much prefer to buy coal from people who will guarantee it in case the quality is

poor .

Yours very truly,

Deo. 31, 1903.

W. J . Hammer .

fJ6 Cortland t St,

Dear Sir:

Messrs. Williams, Brovra & Earle of Philadelphia sent me lother Spinthariscope and it does not give scintilations no matter iv/ adjusted. Why did you have it sent v/hen you already furnished

hat does scintilate?

Yours truly,

xo cti


Deo. 31, 1903,

■Williams, Brown & Earle

.Philadelphia, Pa.

lived unde:

No. 2 Spinthariscope

can not under-

one through Mr. W. J,

irsonaliy . The

lived from

adjustment, whereas the

itifully. Kindly advise


Mr. a. C. shand,

B’oad Street Station,

Philadelphia, Pa.

Dear Sir:_„

On the 22ndlnst- j wrote ^ g00d friend^ Dr> B>

Dudley, string that we Ve now manufacturing a Portland cement, ■vi-r-c-i owing t». the finer grx,ding of the raw material before burning and the finer gr'^ding 0f the o^^,. , (we guarantee 85$ through 200 mesh screen) wi* carry more -Sd fQr the Bame strengtll than anj cement now on the ^rket, either acetic or foreign, and asking him if he would care to ma^ tests with oV cement.

I am in receipt of * letter from heating that he does not have the special appliances for making oeme^ tests and suggest¬ ing that I write direct to you relative to the matter. Also to Mr. W. H. Brown, which I have done, sending him practically a duplicate of this letter.

I am very anxious to have your department make tests of competition

our cement in With the -well known brands on the market

and will be pleased to furnish you the necessary quantity of cement, free of charge, for these tests. Our own records and those made by Cement experts show the cement to be of the quality above stated, and I hope that you will see your way clear to make the most ex¬ tensive tests of it so that when your people are in the market for


Professor w. Hibbert, Esq., c/o Polytechnic,

Regent Street, West,

London, England.

I send you herewith s»t request of Mr. Dick, curves pf the 18 plate cell on discharge at different rates. «>u will notice that the curve at high rates is pretty good notwithstanding there

only six iron plates in the cell.

small runabouts where the average discharge i

Mr. Dick also requests that you send a copy to Dr. Eleming and the PariB people. We enclose extra prints for that purpose.

yours very truly.

P.S. At this writing 1 am unable to enclose the additional prints hut will have th«« follow in a later mail.


January 8,1904.

a. Phillips,

702 Empire Building,

Pittsburgh, Pa.

Heplylng to yours of the 2nd lust, to Hr. Edison, I be£

t:^e stock of the Cement ■1 the plant has beer, in

Company is not to be dis-

' any of the boys as ysrt and ;

The Storage Battery has been on the market since July last, had so many orders come to us, it has not been necessary rtise it, so for that reason, we have kept rather quiet he battery.

Yours very truly,

Jan. 9,. 1904,

T. C. Armstrong, Esq.,

Cranbro ok , B. C.

Dear Bars:

Reply-lag to yours of the '8th ult., I beg to state that I r&d the sample sent and it is quite rich 'in Nickel hut tely it is in the form of arsenide of nickel and the pro- orlcing arsenic nickel is very difficult and I am afraid t; while the iron pyrites ore found in Canada is very okel compared to yours it is very easy to work, being a proposition. I have been to Ft. Steele years ago and -1 Tones who has a ranch near there. You might send 'me a ten pie and I will see what can be done with it by trying to r electrical methods. I am buyirtw^considerable nickel for itery and will need a large quantity in the future. If 1 3 process perhaps by cobbing the ore you could; get it rich

stand shipping

here .

Yours truly,


.113 ng fit Crane, Philadelphi a ,


X understand that the Engineering Magazine would like to llustrated article on our Cewent plant for one of their

1 1vcu-Ld pleased, to have them do so and. will arrange scpls to furnish them whatever information they desire. Yours very truly,

ex. i

Jan.. 11, 1904.


i’or Radium, Actinii



I to yours or the 3rd inst., I heg to state that ie Rational Phonograph Co. will not permit me to °ord. 'What are you doing at present? Have you i»is? I would te pleased to have you come over to see ine;:any. time at your own convenience.

Tours truly,

T. C. Martin, *

114 liberty Street,

?1**“ to th„ " not taan ,OS8eotei


L-' Chicago, Ills.

whlia^ Bee “al?°n Laborat°ry) Orange , N.J.

Robert Bachman " « ,1

Reynold Janney, Glen Ridge. N.J HS Pilllncr36^ Canf'1 Street , New York.

T. I.* OrSe *n Building, Philadelphia, Pa.

usx **-^*»-

>ohn a! BoiLe »°n laJ>ora*ory. Orange ,N.j.

Robert Rafn , •• "

35 » Herter, « >,

S. 15. Eager ty, »

E . S . Qpdyke , « n

?• A- F11ie6i> #55 Church St., Montclair N J J.E.Murch, #77 Hillside Ave. Bton j j

Ave., Newark |n*J*

:T -Sadler, #18 Gates Ave . , Mdntclair N J 3avey, Bilmont Ave., silver Late l.k .uajpier , #25 linden Avenue, Montclair N J

?.'w^yl0Brfork,#|223Mld"and AV^US> <»?**•*•

W.H.Mason, Stewartsville , N.J.


A. S. Barnes, 123 So. 4th St., East on, Pa. ff.C.Bowers, 177 Belvidere Ave . , ‘Washington D. Smith, Stewartsville ,N.J. r!p.d. #lf

i, N.J.


="u am! marked, the :

a"“locua ll»‘ of a»ra, KU iy

•«!»£■», to §159.60. sln me

1 Me the lot as Tnarked.

Your favor of the 30th ult. came duly to hand and in reply

Edison 17 Prospect Street, East Orange, N. J. who has a process which I understand is finished and intended for the purpose mentioned in your letter,. and no doubt you will hear from him.

Tan. 21, 1904.

Frederick G. Burnham, Esq.,

Morristown, If. J.

Dear Sir:

Mr. V. W. Richards, Comptroller of the Mutual Life Insurance Compaq, advises me that the Finance Committee has approved the release of a lot 32 x 204 feet on property owned hy me and against which there is a loan which they held (Mo. 20410) upon the payment of $1600.00 and all taxes.

I am instructed to communicate with you relative to the preparation of papers in connection therewith and I shall be pleased to hear from you aa to what further I am to do in the matter.

For your information I would say that all taxes on my property for this year have been paid.

Yours very truly.

j.11 s London.

beg to enclose you herewith a copy of a letter received

who I understand is is the employ of The party to. whom the letter was addressed

Laboratory to see Mr. Edison but unfortunately

him until

unable to

it the t ime and I

reading the letter over Mr. Edison requested *ty that he never knew of any such arrangement

Yours truly,

k- T- (Jl-tov

Dick, Esq.

s/o 3r own , Shipley & Co.,

of any arrangement Having he en made to have Bergmann nut his own- people ir our factory, I am not silling to put any out¬ siders at work until you say the same is setlofactory to you.

If Bergmann is dissatisfied with the delay, how would it do to return him the money that he has paid on account of tools, and call the matter off so tsr- as he is concerned'' I feel that he is trying

ling that any tools should

go abroad until they )

i entirely satisfactory hei

I have told Mr. Nueske that siting until I hear from Europe

5 his own pleasure

Enclosure .

Feb. 3rd, 1904,


1. evi shipping an electric launch to Fort Myers and aah that you have it sent to the draw bridge and have

iir. Ptulpner dt Ft. Myers will take it. in charge, Yours truly,


m-. Edison wants to know if you can get an Engineer down ;ut the engine in running order, also the Boiler and run season; this he would like finished hy the 20th. If issitle for you to get an engineer, kindly let me know one , otter -by telegraph, also telegraph the distance from to the dock wharejffe landed- Ias.t--ye.ar..

Yours truly,

%uJL. &&&

launch is shipped and I will have Mr. Edison send you c,, 00 for various expenses. I wrote Hr. Hake to have the ,w,h 1;0 the draw bridge and have derrick put it in the

T a,.pCS,ae you will have to pay for this and you can , If the $200, then you can have the boat towed home and

Feb. 10,1904.

M. A. Rosanoff, Esq.,

Orange , IT. J .

Pear Sir:

Mr. Edison advised me that he will discontinue the exper¬ iment on which you are working March 2, 1904 and after that date he will no longer require your services.

Yours truly.


Orange National Bank,

I Beg to enolose you herewith keys to the safe deposit box rented by me for the past year and beg to state that I wish to discontinue the use of same this coming year.

I have emptied the box Of its contents and it is already


My dear Weir : --

The express wagon from Birmingham, has been at our Glen Ridge Works now for some weeks, and has been in constant service during the cold weather. It looks to me all right and will carry a tonnage of 75,< of its weight and prohahly more. ¥

Shall I send it over or will you come over and see it?

Yours very truly,


X.C.V’eir ,Esq. , President,

Adams Express Company,

Hew York City.


Feb, 11,1$,04

Ghaa. H. Burke, Esq.,, Y. l’„,

South Grant's Field Club,

20 Broad St., New York.

Bear Sir:

I beg to a&» ise you that owing to another engagement it will bo impossible Tor ms to attend the dinner ofyour club <m Tues¬ day February 16th. Thanking you very much for your kind .inwitatitaa, and regretting that it will be impossible for me to attend, X remain, Yours truly,

Feb. 11, ISO*.

Mrs. Nellie Edison Boyer,

Military St.,

Port Huron, Mich.

Bear Mrs. Boyer:

I beg to enclose you herewith a notice regarding taxes in Fort Huron. You. will notice a memorandum on the card from Mr. Edition and would kindly ask that you give this matter your attention, and oblige, Yours truly,



Pels. 15th, 1904.

, Pleasant Cemetery Co.,

r'£' 75 Belleville Avenue,

Newark, U. J.

In reply to your favor of the 12th inBt., I beg to state St the care of my lot is in the hands of Mr. Mawer, Sen., and o has been paid for Bame.

1 return you herewith your bill for work which I did

t order.

Yours truly,


3' r

.February 16,1904.

. '«?. s. Pilling, Treasurer,

Philadelphia ,


;a r Sir : •••-■

Together with my companies , I have advanced over $400,000. tring the past year or so to the Cement Company, a good deal of lich at considerable sacrifices.

Of the $50,000. X agreed to advance, I have already sent 40,000. and the balance 1 will try and send during March. Much e> X regret to state it, X will he unable to send very much more a the immediate future. After a financial breathing spell, I x:pect tc be able to do my share with the rest.

I wish to make this a matter of record now, so the 1 rectors will fully understand my position. I am going ahead r.Aer their instructions and placing orders for the necessary mater-



Feb. 22nd, 1304.

Mr. V/. J. Hammer,

#26 Cortlandt Street,

Hew York.

My Dear Hammer

It would be a very desirable thing if you would loan your great collection of Historical Incandescent lamps to the Edisonia Exhibit at the St, louio Worlds Eair.

you say?

I am sure it will be well taken care of. What do

Herman Ernest Plait, Esq. ,

London, JBagisad.

Dear 3ir:-

I hqv* receive* a call from Hr, ff. S„ Eeyoocfc or Sheffield*. England, whom ypjj dmibtleep know as one .of <t;h* largest manufacturers, of railway app^anees cv.er .there. .Ha. -is .desirous of Asking up our battery Tqr railway lightly .in a commercial way. He is acquainted with our friend Parecttel. please see Hr. laycock and hive a good talk with him on the .sublet of B. 3. lighting. fie works 1 under^d with the Sold Oar Beating '& lighting!**. in this country, who are the merohandlzers or our battery in ibis, country for railway lighting.

YOurs -very truly. .




e is coming over in three weeks and will arrange to e money. Fever mind about security. Pay when you

ohnBon, Esq.. ,

:ho Square, ondon, W., England.


6th St.,

Newark, 3. J.

Eeb. 24th, 1904.

lying to yours of recent date, I beg ^rented in the subject mentioned.

Yours 'truly.

state that

ynwie*.' J 9 0*/


clomo QqJukJ

i fan

/!■' tCi)U •din)!- /, V . . . J o a 1.

<!Laj /wjiiy h JeriAfiJ jf (Min' P~L 3'>- °

aitdt Mouk (W^ AAnZt Jit w. d (hifiJs/ Co*,